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Selina Jen still affected by burn accident


Taiwanese artiste Selina Jen recently wrote a magazine article titled “A letter to Selina” where she focused on the filming accident that took place in Shanghai three years ago that left her with severe burns on her body. In the article, she illustrated her journey to recovery and revealed that she once thought of leaving showbiz as the sight of her scars made her extremely depressed.

Besides going through the pain of the physical injuries, the 31-year-old had to cope with a wounded confidence as she found herself becoming “fat”, “ugly” and “crooked-face”. Despite her gradual recovery, the singer admitted that she still breaks down thinking about the damage the accident had caused. Sharing intimate thoughts through her writing, Selina let on that she often questioned her own decision to stand before the cameras again.

Nevertheless, she expressed her gratitude towards her husband Richard Chang who has provided much needed support, reminding her that “the worst is over” and that she should be thankful for the successful recovery.

According to Selina, his encouragement often helped to erase her negative feelings: “What’s lost is lost. We should look forward to the future. It’s a waste of time to wallow in sorrow. Don’t think about how you used to be like. I miss the six-packs that I had when I was young too!”


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